About Euroleague Jam


Euroleague Jam is a European Club basketball-themed blog that centers on the Euroleague competition and all other basketball-related competitions pertaining or related to the Euroleague. While other club basketball in Europe will be touched upon, the main focus will be on the Euroleague, which is Europe’s major and most high profile competition in basketball (i.e. the Champions League of Basketball).

This blog is covered by an American who follows the Euroleague via online resources, and has never been to Europe, but enjoys the European club basketball scene as well as European players and coaches who had had influences in the NBA and the college game. In addition to year-around analysis of various aspects of the Euroleague, this blog will also feature retro profiles of past Euroleague as well as European players who have played or currently playing in the NBA. Also, FIBA competition play will also be covered in some regards, especially the Eurobasket, as well as other international competitions like the FIBA World Cup, Olympics and the FIBA Asia Championships.

Euroleague Jam will try to view the European club scene with an analytical as well as a nostalgic view. This is an appreciation, and continuing appreciation for European basketball, and its nuances that make it enjoyably different than the NBA as well as the Collegiate game.

In addition to Euroleague and International basketball, the author also enjoys the NBA, good coffee and craft beer, smoking hookah, driving in the Midwest during the summer months finding good BBQ, and arcade video games, especially NBA Jam…

Hence the blog name…