Falling in and out of (and back in) love with the Euroleague

sonny-weems-maccabi-fox-tel-aviv-eb16It’s been about two months since I wrote a post about the Euroleague and European basketball. It’s been since August I wrote a post on this blog.

I tend to do that a lot with my blog projects. Start. Stop. Start again, hoping for renewed momentum. Stop again when I hit that wall.

I figured Euroleague Jam would be another dead end. Another blog project that ran out of gas before it even really got going.

There were many reasons why Euroleague Jam stopped for a while. First off, I started a new job. And with any job there are adjustments and sacrifices that need to be made. Unfortunately, this blog and my writing in general suffered for a brief period of time. Furthermore, when I did get a chance to write, I tended to veer toward other projects. Some essay projects. Some fiction projects.

Basically, anything but European basketball, and anything but consistency in terms of posting.

I figured that maybe my Euroleague Jam experience was just a phase. Maybe it was just a temporary fling, like a summer or work romantic affair. Once I got into my real life, with my real job, I would gradually move away from the Euroleague, never to look back again. After all, I am American. I do not live in Israel, Turkey, Spain or Eastern Europe. There are still many players I do not know in the Euroleague, and I still am understanding the history of some of Europe’s most famous clubs. Following this kind of stuff takes work, commitment, something I didn’t think I could do when I started my new job back in August.

And yet here I am back. My fire for the Euroleague rekindling again like two long lost lovers reuniting.

Now, it is December. We are 10 rounds into the Euroleague season, and I am finally getting around to covering the Euroleague season. Now, I haven’t been living underneath a rock. CSKA is continuing to dominate. I know Panathinaikos and Maccabi Fox have made coaching changes in desperate efforts to re-configure their season from the beginning rather than midway. I know Real Madrid looks scary, and not necessarily because of their new pickup Anthony Randolph, but mostly due to the maturation of teenage sensation Luka Doncic.

I have missed a lot in the Euroleague thus far. There will be a lot of catching up to do. A lot of Euroleague Adventures reading and podcast listening to get me up to speed. A lot of catching up on twitter with David Pick, Austin Green, Rob Scott, Sam Meyerkopf, Rafael Zamorano and George Rowland (all essential Euroleague follows).

It’s been a while. Too many months have passed. But I’m back. I’m back following the Euroleague in all it’s unique, colorful glory. Even as I write this, I am watching Euroleague basketball in a desperate effort to get caught up. It won’t happen immediately. And I admit, my analysis may not be as strong as it was in the summer for a while.

But who the fuck cares. I’m watching and writing on the Euroleague again. I’m watching Maccabi Fox hold water. I’m watching Anthony Randolph do Anthony Randolph things, things that I remember fondly and with dread back when he was with Golden State. I’m watching teams position themselves for this 20-round stretch during the regular season, a much different model from Euroleague campaigns in the past.

Yes, I waited too long.

But at least I came back, didn’t leave the Euroleague completely, like I did with some other subjects of blogs I have written in the past.

I hope the Euroleague and I can rekindle that fire.

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